I worked on past due projects for work for most of the day. There were some things that I needed to complete left over from before the holiday. I am very happy that I have started to move forward with those things. One project down and on to the next.

One of my goals for this year is to dust of the little photography skills that I have and use them to coordinate creatives for work. We are lacking imagery of our products in action. We have been using the same images for a few years now. Its time for something fresh.

I grabbed a bunch of LED lighting hoping to create a makeshift photo area in my basement. I ordered some back drops from a few places and I’ll eventually bring them to work with me when we finally go back to normal.

I spent the rest of the evening playing Dont’ Starve Together with the family. Spoiler: We starved. We got on a boat and had trouble reaching land. We cheated and still had trouble surviving, fun times.

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