Sew Easy

I have been busy wrapping up a work project this week. It has been a great year at work so far. While I hated going into the office this week, I was able to be highly productive, and I got to meet our new office puppy.

I’ve been learning to sew at home recently. It has always interested me, but I have never had the time or money to study it. I recently got a new sewing machine, and it made me realize that I wasn’t the one who sucked; it was my sewing machine.

My primary motivation for buying the new sewing machine was to try making pajamas and bras. I also purchased a serger last year but could not figure it out. I was sewing next to my computer on my desk, and it wasn’t easy since there wasn’t enough room. I started moving my crafts down to the basement today. I carried an old desk I was using as a vanity down there. I plan to move my totes and storage carts down there to use as storage. I will need to move some of my plants around because I did not prepare my plant wall well, and I am already out of room. But that’s a project for another weekend, though.

Plans for the weekend are to finish moving my craft stuff downstairs and an extra TV, so I can watch TV while I sew.

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