Keep it simple stupid. I have a digital asset problem. For many years I have been reckless when saving digital assets. So now I have a bunch of random files across several drives. I have been researching digital asset management and didn’t find anything I really liked.

I am just going to use Adobe Bridge. After some brief research, it will do everything I was looking for, not sure why I didn’t look into it sooner! I use to use it to batch rename things and that was about it, ahhh.

2021 will be a clutter free me. I started on one of my oldest drives and have already deleted so many unnecessary files and old digital drawings.

I finally got access to my courses today, yay. I went through everything and took brief notes and made a general schedule. I am going to be putting them Notion tomorrow.

I don’t have many plans for tomorrow, just work and some of my first assignments.

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