Christmas Lights or Whatever

I cannot believe that it is nearly Christmas. The rona has messed up my sense of time. Last year I got fascinated by the holiday light shows and did a bit of research on the supplies needed to get set up. It didn’t seem like too much work or supplies to get permanent Christmas installed on the house. I absolutely hate the time we have to spend in the freezing cold trying to get lights up. There are hooks on the exterior of the house were already here when we bought the house, which makes things a little easier, but they are very high up and we don’t have ladder tall enough, so we hoist the lights up with an extension pole or a broom.

It is too late in the year to buy the supplies at a good price and get them on time to get some permanent lights up. I’ll buy some individually addressable led pixels light strips or stings to get set up for next year. I hope that after the holidays that maybe these supplies go on sale.

For now I’ll settle with *regular* Christmas lights on the windows. I still haven’t put up the Christmas tree, still looking for a location where it will be safe from the kitten.

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